SpecSavers at La Villiaze from April to October (specific dates)

Sellers can set-up from 10.30am (not before) with buyers welcome between 11.00am and 2.00pm.

Toilet facilities will also be available.

Prices and contact details below.


La Mare de Carteret School

We will not be hosting any car boot sales from the La Mare School site in 2024.


Buyers and Sellers, join us on the following dates:

  • March
    • Sunday 31st - SpecSavers at La Villiaze - Important Notice:
    • An event at the SpecSavers site means sellers should arrive 12:00pm and buyers 12:30pm.
  • April
    • Sunday 14th - SpecSavers at La Villiaze;
  • May
    • Sunday 12th - SpecSavers at La Villiaze;
  • June
    • Sunday 9th - SpecSavers at La Villiaze;
  • July
    • Sunday 21st - SpecSavers at La Villiaze;
  • August
    • Sunday 11th - SpecSavers at La Villiaze;
  • September
    • Sunday 8th - SpecSavers at La Villiaze;
  • October
    • Sunday 13th - SpecSavers at La Villiaze;


Pitch fees and getting in contact

Pitch fees are £6 for regular La Mare and SpecSavers events, with auto jumblers £12 per each space used (not being hosted during 2024 season).

Contact Ray on 07781 109972 or Barbara on 07781 121309 for more information (full list of contacts can be found on this page).


Busy day at Alliance, c. 2016.

Sunday Car Boot